Webinar: 5th State Showcase – Successful maintenance training in a virtual environment

By October 2, 2020June 30th, 2022Webinars

We’ll probably all agree that in person training is preferred and the social networking with colleagues is an added benefit. However, in todays environment of social distancing, instructor lead training in a face-to-face setting isn’t happening and the only way to continue developing our workforce in a formal setting is by utilizing virtual content delivery. In this 5th State Showcase webinar Susan Baillargeon of Front Range Community College and Nancy Laffey of Applied Pavement Technology present their views on what it takes to deliver successful content to maintenance workers in a virtual environment. George Walker (Maryland DOT), Don Strange (City of Highland Village, Texas) and Rob McArthur (Douglas County Colorado Public Works) provide their insight into being a successful student on virtual training.

CLICK HERE to view Nancy Laffey’s presentation on the NHI Maintenance Leadership Academy and Nevada LTAP
CLICK HERE to view Susan Baillargeon’s presentation on the Highway Maintenance Manager degree program