Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program (SICOP)

AASHTO Liaison
Rick Nelson, SICOP Coordinator

SICOP Strategic Plan

The Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program (SICOP) is AASHTO’s Winter Maintenance Technical Service Program. It functions within a framework defined by a 3-Year National Strategic Winter Maintenance Plan (“Plan”). These Plans call out strategic issues identified by member states that are important for the delivery of their winter maintenance mission. While the SICOP technical service program rarely funds research projects directly, the Winter Maintenance Policy Coordinating Committee (WMPCC), SICOP’s steering committee, is tasked with identifying promising concepts and emerging technologies both internationally and domestically that will address the strategic initiatives in the Plan, ensure the necessary research is conducted to determine if they are suited to advance the state of the practice in winter maintenance, and if so, promote and assist in implementation.

Program Goals

AASHTO Administrative Resolution 3-94: Establishment of Winter Maintenance Program laid the groundwork that created SICOP which evolved into AASHTO’s Winter Maintenance Technical Service Program – SICOP. The program goals identified for this Winter Maintenance Program are:

  1. Sustain or improve levels of winter maintenance service with significant cost/benefit improvements;
  2. Provide an enhanced level of environmental protection; and
  3. Increase the safety of driving under winter conditions.

In order to meet those goals there are several underpinning activities that occur with respect to all the strategic initiatives. These activities have been determined to be so fundamental they provide the foundation for the Plan.

  • Build and maintain relationships with other AASHTO committees and entities interested in winter maintenance,
  • Promote international and national research and assist in technology transfer,
  • Promote international and domestic winter maintenance best methods,
  • Provide technical assistance,
  • Explore and integrate sustainability into winter operations, and
  • Work to strengthen workforce development.


2018-20 National Strategic Winter Maintenance Plan


SI 1 – Routing
SI 2 – Performance Measures
SI 3/4 – AVL & CAV technologies
SI 5 – Weather Responsive Traffic Management
SI 6 – Liquids
SI 7 – Moderate Zones