Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program (SICOP)

AASHTO Liaison
Rick Nelson, SICOP Coordinator

These resources are not an exhaustive collection of winter maintenance work but represent a cross section that SICOP has found relevant for their work.  If there are specific needs that you are having difficulty locating, please contact Rick Nelson, SICOP Coordinator for assistance.

New Workforce Resiliency (Pandemic) Policies and Plans

SASHTO 2019 Winter Maintenance Sythesis

2019 Snowplow Driver Simulator Training Brochure from the Minnesota Department of Transportation

SICOP Surveys

SICOP has conducted several surveys to take the pulse of several winter maintenance topics.  The summaries of these surveys are listed here.

SICOP Presentations

SICOP has prepared and made many presentations regarding winter maintenance. The presentations are available here.

2014-15 Salt Price Comparison Map

Washington State DOT has collected data from many states to compare prices and 5-year average use.

Snow & Ice List Serve

The Snow & Ice List Serve is a powerful communication tool to ask winter maintenance related questions to a broad spectrum of winter maintenance professionals.  Instructions on how to join the list serve and significant threads are listed here.

Anti-Icing & RWIS Computer Based Training Program

The award winning Anti-icing and RWIS Computer Based Training program was developed by SICOP to provide an interactive learning experience to train all levels of maintenance professionals in the effective use of these technologies.

Drifting and Blowing Snow

Much work has been accomplished in the area of mitigating blowing and drifting snow.  Links to relevant works can be found here.

Winter Maintenance Reports and Documents

Work on a variety of winter maintenance topics has been accomplished over the years by several agencies and other consortia.  Links to many of these works can be found here.