Episode 92: Why’s that snowplow pink?

By September 14, 2023Podcasts

Part 2 of the workforce series focuses on the No Boundaries synthesis Innovation strategies in Recruiting and Retention with Sandi Sauter, Deputy Director of Operations for the Maryland State Highway Administration. This episode zeros in on recruiting and retention and steps that some states are taking to include all segments of the applicant pool. Check out the No Boundaries synthesis at this link

0:00 Intro
3:29 Sandi and the Maryland SHA
7:22 No Boundaries synthesis-recruiting
10:12 The applicant pool
15:53 The hiring process
18:42 Messaging & alternative recruiting techniques
24:48 2nd chance programs
28:35 Getting diversity in the workforce
45:01 “can we” vs “why can’t we”
53:34 tying up loose ends

Email Sandi Sauter at or Kristen Seeber at CTC Associates who provide support to the No Boundaries Pooled Fund Study.

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Thanks for listening in and stay safe out there!