Episode 69: TRB International Road Weather and Winter Maintenance Conference

By March 13, 2023Podcasts

Every 4 years the Transportation Research Board sponsors an International Road Weather and Winter Maintenance Conference where winter maintenance professionals gather to learn about emerging technologies, new strategies, the latest technology, and current research for responding to severe weather events and winter maintenance. After a pause due to the pandemic this conference is happening once again. In Washington DC, May 9-10, 2023, you can be part of this gathering and exchange of information.

Learn more about this event from TRB Road Weather Committee Chair Paul Pisano and TRB Winter Maintenance Committee Chair Anna Arvidsson in this episode or by following this link to the conference website at
Special early registration and lodging opportunities expire on April 25th so mark your calendars.

0:00 Intro
00:54 History of the Conference
03:55 Planning for the 2023 event
07:30 What to expect when you get there
12:00 Why should I attend?
15:03 Who attends?
17:20 Conference details
20:45 Last minute thoughts
23:46 Sign off

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