Episode 68: Friction – The holy grail of successful winter maintenance

By March 8, 2023Podcasts

For over 40 years we have sought after a measure of friction during winter events to determine if additional treatments were required. Over the decades the science, sensors, and computing power have advanced to the point that friction or grip is making its way into winter operations.

On this episode we explore some cutting edge work in world of winter road friction. Lead Statewide Snow & Ice Engineer for the MassDOT Mark Goldstein and from the Research Applications Lab at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Senior Software Engineer Gerry Wiener and Software Engineer Seth Linden discuss projects they are involved with and the finer points associated with using friction/grip in winter maintenance.
Follow this link for more information on the Aurora Road Friction Project
You can reach out to our guests directly for more information on their work with wintertime friction and grip by emailing them directly through the links above.

Chapter marks:
0:00 Intro
1:54 when did you start thinking about friction and wintertime operations
4:03 how does friction play onto the highway environment
7:23 what are some of the grip measuring devices out there
12:31 how do friction sensors work, what are they measuring
17:05 The Aurora Roadway Friction Modeling study discussion
25:41 MassDOT friction project
38:04 What’s the future of friction/grip look like
44:04 Last minute thoughts – autonomous vehicles
46:42 sign off

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