Episode 66: Implementing snow and ice control performance measures

By December 5, 2022Podcasts

NCHRP Project Report 889 details Performance Measures in Snow and Ice Control Operations.  Caleb Dobbins, SICOP Chair from New Hampshire DOT (retired), is working to move the material presented in this report from research to reality through an NCHRP 20-44 project conducting a series of implementation seminars to help states with their implementation goals.

Caleb explains snow and ice control performance measurers and how this project is helping with implementation of this important guide.

For more information you can download the Guide at
or email Caleb Dobbins at

00:00  Intro
01:27 NCHRP report on winter performance measures (PM)
02:50 PM implementation project
06:15 Implementation workshops
09:28 How to use PMs
13:10 Role of Winter Severity Indices
17:00 Regional implementation seminars
20:10 Value of winter PMs

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