Episode 60: You’re not alone out there: Crowdsourcing for winter maintenance

By April 20, 2022Podcasts

Listen in as SICOP Talks Winter Ops with Randi Feltner, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Road Weather Program Manager about crowd sourcing in Kentucky.

In 2014 the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet began a program of crowd sourcing data from motorists from a variety of sources to aid in their delivery of mobility across their network especially during sever weather events. Providing extra sets of eyes on the condition of the network gives the KYTC enhanced situational awareness and a leg up in response.

For more information on crowdsourcing in Kentucky you can contact Randi by email at

and check out the travel resources provided by the KYTC at this link

More information on Crowd Sourcing can be found on the National Operations Center of Excellence website

NCHRP Research Report 889: Performance Measures in Snow and Ice Control Operations