Episode 54: Calgary-Adapting to winter service challenges

By December 14, 2021Podcasts

The City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada has had to adapt to a variety of circumstances from changing weather patterns to changes in mobility needs and travel patterns brought on by the Pandemic. These challenges are not unique as cities, counties, states, and countries who provide winter service can attest. This heightens the relevance of the upcoming PIARC World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress is “Adapting to a Changing World” being hosted virtually be the City of Calgary and Canada. Learn more about how Calgary is addressing these issues from Troy McLeod, Director of Roads at the City of Calgary as he describes their approach to winter service and road resilience as they adapt to these changing conditions.

Find out more about the City of Calgary Roads program and specifically about their programs dealing with winter snow and ice control through their website at this link: