Episode 45: Qualified Product List for Deicing Chemicals

By March 8, 2021June 23rd, 2023Podcasts

How do maintenance managers know what’s in deicing chemicals and do they meet the specifications? Many years ago a group of states in the pacific northwest region of the US banded together as the The Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) and one of their objectives was to collectively test deicing chemicals and share best practices in purchasing materials that are effective deicers and also protective of the environment. The PNS created the Qualified Products List (QPL) to review, test, and approve products used by the Pacific Northwest states.

PNS and Clear Roads have partnered to refresh the QPL and make it relevant for agencies across the nation. In this episode SICOP Talks Winter Ops with Patti Caswell, Maintenance Services Section Manager at the Oregon DOT and chairs the Clear Roads subcommittee that oversees the QPL.

For more information on the QPL you can visit the QPL website at or
contact Patti at