Episode 44: Let’s break the ice

By February 1, 2021February 10th, 2021Podcasts

There are many different alternative methods and equipment available to perform winter maintenance. In this episode Jed Falgren and Jeff Perkins from the Minnesota DOT talks about a new strategy to break up ice pack on the roadways without the use of any chemicals at all. Mechanical ice breakers make short work of ice pack in an environmentally friendly way. This equipment is another tool in the winter maintenance arsenal.

Listen in as SICOP Talks Winer Ops with Jed Falgren and Jeff Perkins with the Minnesota DOT. Want to see an ice breaker in action? Check out the MnDOT Minute showcasing the IceBreaker at or a more detailed video on the IceBreaker at

Contact Jed Falgren at or Jeff Perkins at for more information.