Episode 14: Oral history of winter maintenance in the US

By October 1, 2018March 2nd, 2020Podcasts

How did the evolution of modern winter maintenance take place? What significant milestones ushered in the tools that make up the modern winter maintenance tool box?

Lee Smithson, formerly of the Iowa Department of Transportation and a past SICOP Coordinator, was one of the few individuals leading the charge that produced significant advancements in winter maintenance technologies. Listen in as SICOP Talks Winter Ops with Lee Smithson, as he shares his recollections on how we got where we are with winter maintenance in the US.

Some interesting and related links:
National Academy of Science Consensus Report, “Where the Weather Meets the Road

NCHRP 20-36 RRD 238: “1998 Scanning Review of European Winter Service Technology (1999)

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