Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program (SICOP)

AASHTO Liaison
Rick Nelson, SICOP Coordinator

AASHTO Winter Maintenance Policy Coordinating Committee (WMPCC)
Summer 2017 Meeting
Charlotte, NC
8:00 am – 5:00 pm July 21, 2018

Meeting Materials:

1. Introductions, Agenda Review, Minutes Review – Providence 2017

2. Research Coordination – Discussion
Clear Roads projects proposed and underway
Aurora projects proposed and underway
TRB – Winter Maintenance
TRB – Surface Transportation Weather
FHWA – Road Weather Management Program

3. Outreach Reports
PIARC update
SIRWEC update
APWA Update
Peer Exchange update
Other activities

4. CTSO Liaison efforts
AASHTO CTSO Organizational Updates
CTSO projects with WM implications

5. SICOP National Strategic Winter Maintenance Plan – Work Plans
SI-1 Optimal snow plow route planning
SI-2 Performance management for winter maintenance
SI-3 AVL for internal and external applications
SI-4 Connected vehicles in winter maintenance
SI-5 WRTM to improve mobility in winter events
SI-6 Liquid chemical use in winter operations
SI-7 Moderate Zones SI-7 Winter ops in moderate weather zones

6. Review of SICOP Program
2018 SICOP Trienniel Review Report to MaC
2018 SICOP Triennial Review PPT
SICOP Financials
Operating Procedures & membership

7. Unfinished Business

8. Adjourn