AASHTO Winter Maintenance Policy Coordinating Committee (WMPCC)
Summer 2020 Meeting
August 4 & 5, 2020

Meeting Materials

1. Introductions, Agenda Review

2. Research Coordination – Discussion
Clear Roads – Projects proposed and underway
Aurora – Projects proposed and underway
TRB – Winter Maintenance
TRB – Road Weather
FHWA – Road Weather Management Program

3. Laision Reports
PIARC end of cycle update – Final Reports & upcoming cycle – Calgary
AMS ITS/Road Weather
Local Agencies: APWA & NACE
Professional Snowfighters Association
2020 Road Weather & Winter Maintenance Conference and Peer Exchange
Community of Practice on Road Weather Management

4. Adjourn Day 1

5. Review of SICOP program
Activity Briefing – STWO, Social Media, Webinars, SIRWEC, etc.
Operating Procedures & Membership

6. SICOP National Winter Maintenance Strategic Plan / Work Plan
SI1 – Optimal snow plow routing
SI2 – Performance management for winter maintenance
SI3 – AVL for internal and external applications
SI4 – Connected vehicles in winter maintenance
SI5 – WRTM to improve mobility in winter events
SI6 – Liquid chemical use in winter operations
SI7 – Winter operations in moderate weather zones

7. Triennial Review 2021 – Future Directions

8. Unfinished Business

9. Adjourn – Announcements