Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program (SICOP)

AASHTO Liaison
Rick Nelson, SICOP Coordinator

AASHTO Winter Maintenance Policy Coordinating Committee (WMPCC)
Summer 2016 Meeting
Clark County, Nevada
8:00am – 5:00pm July 16, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Materials:

1. Introductions, Agenda Review, Minutes Review

2. Research Coordination – Discussion
Peer Exchange Problem Statement
Clear Roads projects proposed and underway
Aurora projects proposed and underway
STSM&O Projects with WM implications
NCHRP, TRB, FHWA projects

3. Outreach Reports
PIARC update
TRB International Winter Maintenance Conference 2016 update
SIRWEC 2016 update
STSM&O update
APWA Congress 2015

4. Future Directions
Current 4-YR Plan
Future strategic plan – schedule and effort
Sustainability in Winter Maintenance
TSM&O – opportunities for collaboration
FHWA Road Weather Management Program

5. Winter Maintenance Agency & Consortium Reports
FHWA – Road Weather activities
Clear Roads Notes | Handout | Presentation
TRB – Winter Maintenance
TRB – Surface Transportation Weather Notes | Call For Papers
APWA Notes | NASC | Salt Brine Factsheet

6. Review of SICOP Program
SICOP Accomplishments
SICOP Financials
Operating Procedures & Membership

7. Unfinished Business

8. Adjourn