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June 2023

Episode 73: The MODOT Management System – The next generation

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When your agency is responsible for vast amounts of infrastructure and performs hundreds of activities with thousands of employees having a robust management information system is imperative. On this episode Michael Middleton of the Missouri Department of Transportation and Project Director for MoDOT Management System talks about the development and implementation of their new maintenance management system.

Easy to input data for the employees, easy to extract information for managers, this system is a one-stop shop for employees. It’s not just maintenance activity based, this system includes a safety management component focusing on employee safety. This MMS has become such a powerful tool for the agency that it has become the MODOT Management System

Chapter marks
0:00 Intro with Becky
4:10 Kicking off the project / system requirements
9:55 COTS vs develop in house?
18:31 Roll out – champions
22:54 initial system functions
28:51 Safety module
40:28 Additional resources-videos
43:44 wrap up

For more information on the MoDOT Management System contact the Project Director, Michael Middleton at
or Check out these MODOT videos on the MODOT Management System

MMS Phase 1 – Documentation and Dashboards
MMS Phase 2 – Work Plans and Budget module.
Safety Management Module
Story Board for Safety Module
New Incident reporting module

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