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February 2023

Episode 67: Potholes and other leftovers from winter storms

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Just because a winter storm is over and mobility restored doesn’t necessarily mean that your done with the impacts of weather. Moisture and water leftover from winter combined with freezing temperatures and loads can cause problems for your pavements and roadside long after the storm is over.

Greg Duncan has many years of experience with the Tennessee DOT and now with Applied Pavement Technologies shares his experiences in dealing with the leftovers from winter weather.
For more information on potholes and the pothole cycle that Greg mentioned in this episode follow this link to the Tennessee DOT website page on potholes

For more information about pavements and the effects of winter weather you can contact Greg directly by email at

0:00 Intro
1:30 Things that cause problems for pavements
6:10 Keeping the water out
8:33 Pothole cycle
10:36 Pothole patching
12:08 Winter strategies for dealing with potholes in the winter
16:37 Pavements and deicing chemicals
20:35 Abrasion and physical deterioration
27:38 Roadside issues
30:42 Budget implications
35:25 Teachable moments that happen in real time

SICOP Talks Winter Ops is always looking for interesting topics and guests to visit with regarding winter maintenance and road weather. If you have any ideas for future episodes contact Rick Nelson at our our co-producer Scott Lucas at