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June 2022

3rd National SICOP-Maintenance Operations Briefing

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SICOP and the Maintenance Operations Technical Working Group of the AASHTO Maintenance Committee join forces for the 3rd year to present this National briefing of winter maintenance, road weather, and maintenance operations groups. This briefing provides these organizations an opportunity to showcase their efforts in winter maintenance, road weather, and maintenance operations.

The agenda for this briefing can be found at the following link:

The slide deck can be found at this link:

Questions can be addressed to the individual presenters or through me, Rick Nelson, AASHTO-SICOP Coordinator at

00:00:00 welcome
00:01:10 Maintenance Operations TWG
00:03:13 SICOP
00:12:09 Clear Roads
00:19:46 Aurora
00:27:04 MDSS
00:39:00 TRB Winter Maintenance
00:50:54 TRB Road Weather
01:01:26 PIARC Winter Service
01:12:05 AMS ITS/Road Weather
01:23:46 APWA Snow & Ice
01:36:17 Community of Practice on Road Weather Management
01:47:31 Professional Snowfighters Association
02:57:40 FHWA Road Weather Management Program
02:07:43 No Boundaries
02:24:38 Northwest Passage
02:35:27 Adjourn

Episode 62: Keeping the paperwork flowing while the snow plows are rolling at the Rhode Island DOT

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Maintenance operations adapted quickly in lots of ways we never thought we could due to the pandemic. On this episode we’re visiting with Joe Bucci, State Highway Maintenance Operations Engineer for the Rhode Island DOT to learn about some tools they use to help keep the paperwork flowing while the snow plows are rolling. The application they utilize to manage and coordinate over 400 vendors during winter operations has revolutionized the administration of those resources.

For more information about the Rhode Island DOTs winter maintenance program you can reach out directly to Joe Bucci at

1:27 Introduction to the Rhode Island DOT winter maintenance program
4:06 Tracking and coordinating with vendors
6:35 Reverse auction for winter maintenance materials
9:13 Admin to manage contractors and materials
14:00 Implementing the new system
20:21 Using the application for state forces
22:10 Communication the the vendors during winter operations
25:00 Enhancements
26:47 COVID changes to the way we do business
30:11 What’s next for the winter maintenance program
32:55 Retirement?!

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