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May 2022

Episode 61: Winter maintenance and road weather in Arizona

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Usually, when you mention winter maintenance and road weather the mind conjures up images of those northern states where winter comes in October and hangs around till April. but there are plenty of states across the south that have their hands full with all kinds of road weather challenges. On this episode we’re visiting with Kevin Duby, Arizona DOT’s Statewide Road Weather Manager about his state, Arizona, where the weather challenges are as diverse as the landscape.

1:04 Weather diversity of Arizona
2:20 Weather challenges
5:58 Equipment used in weather responses
7:28 Staff utilization and training
12:40 Dashboards & data for decision making
17:15 Southern state challenges
21:57 Extra technology – weather radar
25:40 Monsoon season
30:36 Social media
33:00 What’s in the future

You can visit the Arizona DOT at and for more information on Arizona DOT’s weather response programs contact Kevin Duby