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March 2022

Episode 59: Modeling road network conditions during weather events – IMRCP

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Listen in as SICOP Talks Winter Ops with Tony Coventry of the FHWA’s Road Weather Management Program and Kyle Garrett of Synesis Partners about the Integrated Modeling for Road Condition Prediction or IMRCP.

When it comes to road weather management there have been a few major advances in the way agencies manage roadway networks during weather events. The latest under developed through a series of pilots is the Integrated Modeling for Road Condition Prediction or IMRCP. Modeling the performance of a roadway network during a weather event marks a milestone in understanding and prediction just how it will perform provides a practical tool to support operational decision making, maintenance planning, and traveler information.

Tony and Kyle describe the beginnings of the program, where its going in the future, and how it can help agencies achieve their maintenance and road network operation mission during weather events.

Follow these links to learn more about IMRCP:
Tony Coventry
Kyle Garrett

Repository & Open Science Access Portal (ROSA P) search on IMRCP

FHWA Road Weather Management Program

Episode 58: The Wisconsin salt brine project

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SICOP Talks WInter Ops with Andrea Bill from the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin, Madison as she discusses the latest research into use of salt brine.
Wisconsin DOT has been working hard to promote the use of liquids in winter maintenance operations. In 2021, the results of a 2-year research project into the use of salt brine was published. Andrea Bill presented this work at the 2022 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting and in this episode describes the work and results of this study showing very positive results for the use of salt brine.

You can view the presentation by following this link: Salt Brine Project Presentation

The Final Report for this project can be found at this link: Link to final report:WisDOT Salt Brine Final Report

If you would like to discuss this project, results, or other aspects of salt brine in Wisconsin with Andrea you can email her directly at Andrea Bill

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