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May 2018

Episode 10: It’s All About the Equipment

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It’s no surprise that having the right equipment, in the right place is one of the top-10 things you should have to be a world class winter maintenance operation.  Caltrans Division of Equipment have a daunting task of keeping snow fighting crews outfitted with the best snow removal equipment to keep people and goods moving throughout the winter.  Their winter operations mirror many situations across the US from the season long fight in the Sierra Nevada to the occasional storm in more temperate regions.     

Kris Keague, Lisa Kunzman, and Virgil Realin from Caltrans Division of Equipment sit down with SICOP and Talk Winter Ops as it relates to equipment.

Kris Teague is the Chief of the Office of Engineering and Production Services
Lisa Kunzman is the Chief of Fleet Management and Quality Assurance
Virgil Realin is the Chief of the Office of Maintenance and Repair for the Northern Region

For more information about the Caltrans equipment program or AASHTOs Equipment Management Technical Service Program contact Lisa at

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