​​The Snow and Ice List-Serve

At the fourth International Symposium on Snow Removal and Ice Control technology, held in Reno, Nevada in 1996, it was determined that a quick easy way for winter maintenance professionals to communicate was needed.  A subscriber based list-serve was created for the snow and ice community.  This page describes how to subscribe to that list.  For more information regarding the Snow & Ice List-Serve follow the link to the FAQ page

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Archive of Messages Posted to the Snow and Ice List Serve

The following files represent archived listings of the messages posted to the snow and ice list-serve.  Each file contains messages posted on a single topic.  Files include the name of the topic (as identified by the original poster) and the date the original posting was made.  Files are in Adobe pdf format.

Ordinances prohibiting throwing snow onto city streets, 1-12-2016

Treated Salt, 8-17-2007

Winter Pavement Correlation to Air Temperature, 8-13-2007

Salt Brine, 4-25-2007

Effectiveness of Anti-Icing, 6-22-00

NHI Course on Weather Forecasting, 6-15-00

Anti-Icing on Bridges, 6-1-00

Thin Maintenance Overlays, 5-31-00

Snow Plows, 5-8-00

Information Request, 4-4-00

RWIS Maintenance, 3-31-00

Mobile Freezing Point Sensors, 3-28-00

Bamboo vs Plastic Snow Poles, 3-23-00

Road Posting Based on Temp, 3-20-00

Weather Tracking for Road Maintenance, 3-17-00

Salt vs Sand, 3-9-00

Bridge Automated Anti-Icing, 3-6-00

InfraRed Pavement Sensor Comparison, 2-26-00

Salt Brine, 2-22-00

Road Temperature Model, 2-21-00

Corrosion Control for Salt Brine Facilities, 2-17-00

Run-Off at Salt Storage Facilities, 2-10-00

Anti-Icing, 2-4-00

Snow in Driveways, 2-2-00

RWIS and Variable Message Signs, 1-31-00

Mag Chloride and Deck Patches, 1-31-00

Mag Chloride, 1-25-00

Salt Run Off, 1-24-00

Snow Poles, 1-18-00

Freeze Guard, 1-17-00

Precipitation, 12-21-99

Surface Temperature Monitoring Devices, 12-16-99

Anti-skid gradations, 12-15-99