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National Winter Maintenance Peer Exchanges

​​​​​National Winter Maintenance Peer Exchanges​

​​Every two years Aurora, Clear Roads, and AASHTO's Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program join forces to sponsor a National Winter Maintenance Peer Exchange to collaborate in the identification of research needs determined by winter maintenance practitioners as the most important to advance the state of the practice in winter maintenance.

New Planning is underway for the 6th National Winter Maintenance Peer Exchange September 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information and to register for this event cli​ck ​here. ​

Peer Exchange Materials​Status of Peer Exchange Research Needs Initiatives
2015 - Bloomington, MN ​2015 Problem Statements
2013 - Vancouver, WA Status of 2013 Initiatives
2011 - Bozeman, MT ​Status of 2011 Initiatives
2009 - Madison, WI ​Status of 2009 Initiatives
2007 - Columbus, OH ​Status of 2007 Initiatives